What to Do If You Slip and Fall at Work

A slip and fall may be a much more damaging accident than anticipated. When compared to minor accidents, such as a paper cut, the harm occurred can be pretty terrible. Compounding that the physical harm you obtain is the trauma your mental health may suffer from.

Depending on the location, the various stages post-slip and fall can be challenging. If you happen to have an accident at your place of employment, you may have some legal hurdles incoming. Thankfully, as long as you are prepared for what is to come, you can get through the situation with the following guidance.

Immediate Aftermath

It is rather uncomfortable, to put it lightly, when you slip and fall onto a below surface. Simply put, your body will be placed into an awkward position, with pain rapidly picking up. However, a common consequence of a slip and fall is that you may not know what happened.

Since these sudden accidents, you may not know what physical injuries you experienced. Should this happen to you, briefly stay on the floor. This ensures that you do not accidentally injure yourself further. The last thing you want is to move suddenly, which could accelerate the pain.

Bystander Assistance

Since the incident happened at work, you will most likely be in a setting surrounded by other folks. As a result, someone will eventually see the incident and come to you to assist you.

After you remain grounded, let other individuals help you up from the surface. It is also important to inform them of where potential injuries may be.

Relay what happened to the individuals helping you, as well as where the pain is residing. You do not want a person helping you back up and having them hold a broken bodily area. Communication is of the utmost importance here. Sooner or later, you will be back on your feet again safely, allowing you to wait for the appropriate medical services.

Receiving Medical Attention

Speaking of medical services, you will eventually have to get checked out by a reputable medical officer. These professionals will eventually tend to your injuries or wounds and will try to reduce the pain you’re experiencing. For example, they will tend to some of the most severe consequences of a slip and fall, such as broken bones or hips.

A bystander should call the emergencies as soon as they can. In the meantime, first-aid should be provided if the injuries are substantial enough. Afterwards, have someone move you outside or near the closest entrance of the workplace. Emergency respondents need to get to you quickly and seamlessly!

Slip and Fall Lawyer

Regarding workplace-related injuries, you will have to contend with various legal hurdles. Once you are ready, you must assess your situation from a legal perspective. One of the most important things you can do now is contact a lawyer like Walker Head. Thankfully, there are a ton of legal professionals who specialize in slip and fall accidents.

Slip and fall lawyers are the professionals to contact in this light. They will be able to assess your circumstances and discuss the next steps. Since some form of legality is involved, you may be entitled to benefits such as workers’ compensation. Always talk to a few lawyers before proceeding with the one you are most comfortable with.

Employer Contact

Your employer must be informed of the incident if you haven’t communicated. Sometimes, they may refuse to look after the situation. That is why every piece of evidence working in your favour should be explained to your lawyer. They will be able to take you in the right direction afterwards so that your bases are all covered.

Filing a Claim

Depending on the severity of the incident involved, you will have your lawyer file a claim. This will detail specific areas of concern, such as the setting where you slipped and fell. For example, the workplace may have been negligent in properly managing this location. Should this be the case, your lawsuit will be much stronger in the eyes of a judge.

Final Steps

If the case works out in your favour, one of several implications will play out. If you settle in court, compensation, and other factors, may be awarded to you. Then, depending on what the status is with your employer, you can return to work later on. Slip and fall incidents are difficult to get through, but you do not have to be involved in a drawn-out process!

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What to Do If You Slip and Fall at Work

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