Stylish Living Room Ideas for Dark Furniture

The living room is a space in your home that is the quintessential location. You will gather with friends and family to celebrate or share moments here. Of course, guests are not the only aspect of what makes a living room awesome. The surrounding décor and furnishings can be customized to one’s content.

Suppose you happen to have a living room that has darker-coloured furniture. A unique approach is needed for design. After all, you do not want to be in a space where items or belongings cannot be seen. To make your living room vibrant enough to show off these pieces of furniture, use the following ideas for inspiration.

Idea #1: Colour Scheme

The most important factor in a vibrant living room is colour. While other factors, such as available space, quantity, or materials, are vital, colour must be right. As a result, make sure that your living room walls or ceiling are of a light shade. Using white on your walls is a great way to make dark furniture stand out.

It does not just have to be white if you want other colours. You could get away with using a warm shade, such as blue or green, which can add a whole new layer to the space.

Just stick with lighter colours, as darker ones could impede the aesthetic. Then, you will be in a prime position to continue modifying the living room.

Idea #2: Furniture Material

Unfortunately, some pieces of furniture will be built in a very specific way. While you could get away with repainting them if you have the time, it may prove to be challenging. Whether you plan on using a furniture rental or buying from scratch, consider its composition. Some furnishings are made of specific materials that stand out when darkened.

For example, reclaimed timber is an awesome variant of natural wood that looks beautiful when painted. No matter which direction you want to take when painting it, its appearance is noteworthy.

For an optimal effect, be sure to use a dark grey colour. Then, position it accordingly in a corner of your living room to be immediately noticeable.

Idea #3: Lighting

You could make your dark furniture stand out even more with the correct use of lighting. Case in point: first, place the piece in its targeted location. Many homeowners who have dark furniture place them in an area where it is unobstructed. Then, they will use various lighting sources to make its appearance shine through.

A secondary lighting apparatus is one of the best ways to do this. A lampshade will work fine since you can get only so much natural light. Then, make sure to adjust the amount of light that is present all around the location. With the right amount of light shining through, your dark furniture is bound to be complimented!

Idea #4: Mirror Placement

Sometimes, the amount of light you have present in your living room can still be impeded. As a result, it may be time to use mirrors in the space for maximum effect. The justification behind using a few well-placed mirrors comes down to reflection. Once light bounces off the mirror, you will see your dark furniture illuminated uniquely.

Idea #5: Foliage

Just because you are in a space that is a bit on the darker side does not mean that greenery can’t shine. Case in point: place some potted plants near or around your dark furniture pieces. If there is enough light in the area, the furniture is bound to be showcased in an illuminated way. It will be the first thing guests see once they arrive in the room.

Idea #6: Furniture Rental

In many cases, your furniture may be a bit out of date. When this happens, you will probably want to test the waters to find out what works best in your living room. However, it is crucial to first understand your options. Why not use a rental service if you do not want to buy new furniture pieces outright?

Furniture rental services are a dime a dozen, and the best ones allow you to rent many cool-looking pieces. Place your order for a dark piece of furniture, such as a dresser, and wait for its delivery. Once received, you can keep the item in your home or return it for a full refund. It’s a much more hassle-free way of renovating your interior design, and it can be really fun!

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Stylish Living Room Ideas for Dark Furniture

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