7 Best Moving and Packing Hacks to Use

On average, people change homes ten or more times in their lives and with each relocation, it is a hassle that we all dread and a heavy burden to all those participating in that fateful day. There is so much to figure out, and the logistics can be overwhelming, so a good plan makes the move easier.

Are you ready to get your stuff from A to B with the least inconvenience? Some great moving and packing hacks can make the relocation less painful.

1. Purging

Purging is the act of getting rid of stuff that you don’t need. We all accumulate stuff over the years, and while they may have been necessary in the past, we keep them and cart them with us as we migrate to new residences. To make your move easier, you need to streamline your life.

Before packing anything up, sort and purge. Have boxes for:

  • Selling
  • Donation
  • Recycling
  • Garbage

You can do this beforehand, which will help you go through what is needed at your next home.

2. Storage Containers

Organizing your move’s always a hassle, and you have to shop around to hire a company to do the heavy lifting and transport or get friends and family with trucks and vans. This makes moving day hectic. Anything that can ease the commotion is good.

Using a storage container is a top hack for people relocating and allows you to pack your items away before moving day. Your storage container gets dropped off right in your driveway, and then as you pack boxes, you just walk them out your front door and into the container.

Once it is full or on your moving day, call the company, and they will pick up the container with a special lift system designed not to tip so all your packed possessions are safe and sound. Many of these companies have facilities to store your container for a set period while you move or bring it directly to your new house. Then you can unpack and call them when the container is empty for pick up. This truly makes moving a breeze.

3. Pack Early

Much of the stress of moving is the rush at the end, especially if you are under a time crunch. Leaving your packing duties until the last minute creates panic and stress you don’t need on a moving day. You can avoid all this by starting your packing early.

Six weeks before moving day is a comfortable timeline to get started. Begin with your purging and then itemize everything you have. Get some boxes and begin packing away things that won’t be needed for the next few months. Out-of-season clothing and kitchen gadgets can be boxed up and put in the garage so they don’t clutter up your place, and you can keep packing more items each week as you get closer to your end date.

4. Boxes or Totes

One thing is for sure, you will need lots of packing vessels to carry your household items to the next place. Using the right containers is key to your success and will depend on your needs. You can use either cardboard boxes or plastic totes.

5. Cardboard Boxes

These are cheap or free from the grocery store and come in many sizes. You can also flatten them down until needed and recycle them when done. Unfortunately, they are not good for long-term storage as they can break down if wet or crushed by too much weight. You also will have to buy extra packing material like tape to secure the boxes.

6. Plastic Totes

Plastic or rubber totes are more durable and designed for effective stacking. If you have items that will be stored for a while, they will hold up and keep your stuff secure. They can be expensive, especially if you need 30-40 of them, but they can be used for many things. Ensure not to overpack them with heavy items, as they may crack and cave in when stacked.

7. Keep Your Drawers Full

When packing up your items, you realize how much you have, and the boxes and totes will accumulate quickly. Leave all your clothes neatly folded in your drawers to save space and time.

Take each drawer out on a moving day and plastic wrap them so nothing falls out. Then load them up in your moving truck, and they will reach their destination safe and sound. This makes moving dressers easier, and then you can simply slide the drawers back in at your new place.

These are the best moving and packing hacks to implement into your next house move so things go smoothly. The transition will be complicated enough, so implement these hacks and make your relocation more relaxing.

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7 Best Moving and Packing Hacks to Use

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