How to Tell if Your Wife Is Cheating on Facebook: 8 Signs

The clues may be there. Maybe you’ve been brushing them off for a while. Your wife spends more time on social media than most people you know. You can’t help wondering if she’s hiding a relationship.

Facebook affairs are a modern issue. Although they don’t always turn physical, the damage of emotional cheating can be just as real as a physical relationship. If you’ve been wondering how to tell if wife is cheating on Facebook, you already have your suspicions. Now is the time to observe behaviours and dig a little deeper.

Technology makes it easier for cheating spouses to hide their relationships. Studies show that up to 10% of affairs start online. But that doesn’t mean you need to wait on the sidelines as an innocent victim. Whether your wife is suddenly hiding her Facebook friends, checking her phone obsessively or simply acting strange, your instinct will likely tell you when you need to investigate further.

Here are the different ways on how to tell if your wife is cheating on Facebook:

1. Notice Late-Night Facebook Chatting

Late-night chatting is one of the telling signs if your wife is cheating on Facebook. Have you noticed your wife up late at night, when everyone else has gone to bed? Perhaps this is one of the first signs that made you feel uncomfortable. If she is late-night chatting online, with or without an excuse for doing so, you likely want to pay attention to other behavioural clues.

2. Facebook is Suddenly Her Go-To App

If your wife didn’t spend too much time on any one app in the past, but suddenly has Facebook in her hand frequently, you may want to pay attention. This is especially true if you find her closing out Facebook before she puts her phone down. If she’s careful to close apps before the phone turns to sleep mode, she may have something to hide.

3. Find Trusted Help

While you can buy and install software to track your partner’s Facebook activities, you may want more robust help. A private investigator can track her social media activity and find out if she has any extra-marital relationships. This may help you to see the full picture, to have your own information and not have to rely on your partner for a confession.

In some scenarios, you may need a private investigator for cheating spouse. A professional service will be discrete, confidential and can provide you with court evidence, should you need it down the road.

4. Watch for Jumpy Changes

Does your wife hop onto her phone, the second you stand to leave the room? Does she have a sly smile when she’s deep into the content on her device? Maybe she has a guilty look when you re-enter the room or she ‘snaps-to’? These kinds of behaviours — sneaking opportunities to be online, covering her phone from view, jumping when she snaps back to reality — are good indicators that she is keeping something from you.

5. Is She Playing Defence?

Human nature is a funny thing. Often, when we feel guilty or bad about something, we lash out. If you question your wife about her time on Facebook, does she give exaggerated responses? Does she lash out at you for the time you spend on social media? If you already have your suspicions, be on the watch for defensive behaviour that seems sudden or out of character.

6. Look Out for Hidden Messages

Sometimes clues that your wife is cheating happen right under your nose. In fact, sometimes the clues seem like she actually wants to be exposed. This can be the case if your wife starts posting quotes on social media with hidden messages. Quotes about being lonely, confused or somehow disconnected can be a hint that she’s struggling internally. Together with other clues, you will want to pay attention.

7. You Feel Strange About Her Facebook Wall

Another kind of hidden message can be left by others. When you look at the comments on your wife’s Facebook wall, are there some that seem a bit too familiar? In other words, are there inside jokes, humour and sharing from someone you don’t know? While you can’t be expected to know everyone in her Facebook community, you can look for hints of connections and intimacy.

8. Photo Obsession

Does your wife take more selfies than she used to? Have you noticed she doesn’t want you or your children to be included in them? Perhaps she takes plenty of pictures of herself, but you don’t see them posted online or anywhere else. If she has started a mysterious new selfie habit, she could easily be sending them to someone else.

Watch for clues, do some basic investigation to look for patterns, then trust yourself. If necessary, call in the professionals to help you confirm or deny your suspicions. If you’ve been wondering how to tell if wife is cheating on Facebook, first listen to your inner voice, then start to gather information.

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How to Tell if Your Wife Is Cheating on Facebook: 8 Signs

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