7 Most Successful Real Estate Agents and Their Websites

Real estate is an important career that the world really needs. Real estate agents can introduce folks to a brand new dream, or allow others to let one go for a good price. A successful real estate agent makes each party involved happy, including the buyer, the seller, and themselves of course.

As you can imagine, this is far easier said than done. As a real estate agent, earning money can be difficult at first when you are just starting out. That’s why a lot of real estate agents turn to commission advances to ensure their financial security. Once you slowly build your network of contacts, earning income will be a lot easier. Soon, you may even turn out to be a roaring success in the real estate sector!

So where exactly can you find these most successful real estate agents who can make you happy, no matter what your business here is? There are quite a few options to choose from, actually. We will be narrowing the list of the seven most successful real estate agents. Let’s take a look at their websites to visit for all of your property buying and selling needs.

1. Fredrik Eklund (fredrikeklund.com)

You may have seen this successful real estate agent on the hit Bravo television series, Million Dollar Listing New York, where he openly shows off his real estate expertise with ease.

Fredrik Eklund is a renowned real estate professional with a slick and visually pleasing website to find him on. The main feature is the high quality banner image and the navigation of the site on the right side of the page. It even helps other real estate agents, brokers and teams create their very own website for business. All in all, Eklund’s team has definitely went all out on the website.

2. Jamie Tian (jamietian.com)

Another most successful real estate agent is Jamie Tian. Jamie’s site includes high resolution images that really elevate the visiting experience to another level. Upon entry, a pop-up form appears that allows you to register for your weekly market updates, such as news, new trends, as well as new ads. It has a simple menu that is easy to navigate. It includes links to your real estate agent profile, testimonials, properties you sold, and information for buyers and sellers.

The overall experience is very convenient and instills a sense of professionalism in most potential clients who may see it.

3. John Tsai (thejohntsaigroup.com)

John Tsai’s website is quite attractive and features himself and his team. The site also shows off a messaging tool in the lower right corner of the page that allows potential customers to fill out a form and connect with those who can help them The form asks visitors to the site to fill out the standard information. Their name, contact information, and times of the day they would like to be contacted, etc. Naturally, this is a very good way to get some new contacts.

4. Katrina Campins (katrinacampins.com)

You may have recognized the next successful real estate agent from the reality TV series, The Apprentice. Luxury real estate specialist, Katrina Campins, has a website that presents a slideshow of high-quality images for visitors to enjoy. These may just hook the right client immediately. However, it also includes a prominent listing on its home page, as well as links to all listings for sale and rental.

This makes the house hunting process quick, easy, and convenient. This would be an accurate description of the experience the potential client has to look forward to, should they choose this real estate option.

5. Jason O’Beirne (jasonobeirne.com)

Jason O’Beirne’s site is well-organized and includes buttons that link directly to any contact information or listings a visitor may need. However, these listings are obtained directly from a multiple listing service, or an MLS. The site’s About page includes his biography, as well as links to his team’s biographies.

These well-written biographies allow clients to familiarize themselves with the team. It really makes the experience feel more personal and trustworthy.

6. Ryan Serhant (ryanserhant.com)

You may recognize this television star from his roles on Million Dollar Listing New York, as well as its spin-off, Sell it Like Serhant. His site matches his excellent on-screen presence, though.

As soon as you open the site’s home page, a pop-up form appears that welcomes you to the site, and asks if you want to register for news and updates in his new book. However, the entire site’s design is clean and easy to use. The information is easy to find, placed conveniently for visitors to use, and is direct and straightforward.

7. Brandi Pratt (brandiprattrealestate.com)

This agent’s website features a quick video with gorgeous sweeping landscapes and high quality shots of home exteriors. Below this video is a quick search bar where any visitors can quickly search up the listings they are taking interest in.

The well-organized state of the website is quick and easy to navigate. This gives the experience a simple, basic feel that doesn’t overwhelm potential clients.

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7 Most Successful Real Estate Agents and Their Websites

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