7 Fun Promotional Items for a Business to Give Away

Running a company of any magnitude requires an immense amount of work. There are varying components to a business, with some being more complex and time-intensive than others. Marketing is one such area, which requires all hands on deck. A client will not get involved in your business if they don’t know about it, right?

As a result, your marketing strategy needs to be simple enough to hit home. To make your clients and customers feel welcome, giving them some fun promotional products is key. These items can not only help them remember your service, but retain the relationship for the future.

Here are seven fun promotional items for a business to give away as branding or marketing opportunities:

Item #1: Branded Pens

There are a certain number of products in the world that are universally beloved. Along with this sentiment, they can be pretty inexpensive to give away at your leisure. Businesses require a token of your appreciation, when trying to promote the enterprise. What better way to get clients coming back than by giving them a few, branded pens?

Pens are a sure-fire way of both getting your company name out, as well as showing a client your appreciation. The branding itself can range, from applying the business name to the pen, to other information. Don’t forget to make your pens standout by ensuring they are colourful and vibrant!

Item #2: Hats

When the colder seasons eventually come around, you’ll need to protect your head with a toque. Why not, then, use this item as a promotional gift to your most loyal customers? The custom baseball caps make fantastic gifts for your company. With full customization options, the hats are an awesome way to both get your company name out there, as well as keep heads warm.

Item #3: Stress Ball

The stress ball is another fun promotional item for a business. No matter what sort of occupation we have, there will be a time where we experience stress. Stress is an emotion that is as natural as other, common ones such as happiness. When you feel it building up, you will need an object that can help regulate the associating levels. Stress balls are a great promotional item to give out in this regard.

They are small, lightweight, and can be branded with your company information as well. Plus, their primary use is one that will never go out of style. Just be sure to make the information legible, and have the ball be small enough to carry around. These products are a great way to remind clients that you care about them!

Item #4: Keychains

If pens, and other writing instruments, are your most common promotional item, keychains are a close second. They are one of the best products to give away in your marketing strategy, due to their main function. Most of us will carry around a bunch of keys and other personal belongings daily.

A keychain keeps them all in one, convenient place. On the keychain itself, be sure to have a component that is labelled with your business information. Keychains are awesome, but a client needs to remember where they got it from.

Item #5: Water Bottle

For those who us who live an active lifestyle, you’ll know all too well how important water is. Staying hydrated throughout the day is crucial, in order for our bodies to function properly. Instead of having your clients rely on a plastic bottle, give them your own, eco-friendly, branded bottle!

By having a water bottle that is made out of recycled materials, it shows your clients that you care. The message being sent out is that you appreciate their business, in addition to caring for the environment. They are a great choice for when your customers need a slight reminder about your business.

Item #6: Mobile Power Bank

One of the worst things that can happen to the average person is having their phone battery die out. To make matters worse, there may not be an outlet around for you to give your device a charge. If your business wants a sure-fire way to be remembered, get yourself some mobile power banks.

These handy devices come equipped with a USB slot, so that a customer’s phone can quickly be plugged in. You can even include a complementary cable as well, if need be. Although they are not built to last as other wireless chargers, they remain a great promotional item overall!

Item #7: Dancing Flower

You’ve probably seen these nifty products on the dashboard of vehicles. Dancing flowers are a fun, little way of bringing a smile to all of your customer’s faces. Moreover, your company information, as well as a witty slogan, can be branded onto the flower’s base.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to promotional products is memorability. Even the most generic items, like pens or hats, can be seen as a reflection of your company’s attitude. Show your customers that you care, through these fun and awesome items!

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7 Fun Promotional Items for a Business to Give Away

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