6 Most Comfortable Ways to Watch TV Properly

Watching TV is a great way to unwind after a long day, spend time with family, and enjoy some entertainment. Given the amount of time most of us spend watching TV, it’s a great idea to set your space up so that you get the most enjoyment out of your TV watching sessions.

Since not all living rooms were designed with the TV in mind, it’s up to you to arrange your space in the most optimal TV-viewing way. You may be dealing with a small space, obstacles like fireplaces or walls of windows, or anything else that may require additional consideration.

We’re here to offer you six ways to watch TV to make your viewing experience that much better. We hope these tips help you get the most out of your TV-viewing experience!

1. Adjust Your TV Height

You don’t want to be straining your neck to watch TV. Since you’re usually watching TV to help you unwind, you will want to ensure you are comfortable while watching. To do this, make sure your TV matches your eye level when seated. To give you an estimate, this is approximately 42 inches from the middle of the TV to the floor.

Although this is the ideal scenario, not all living room set-ups allow for the ideal TV viewing height. You may need to place your TV on top of a fireplace or a tall piece of furniture that ends up putting your TV too high up. The solution to this is to install a TV mount that can improve your viewing height by being able to tilt the TV downward to better meet the eye.

2. Make Use of TV Stands and Media Units

It’s so much harder to relax in a space that is cluttered with too much stuff. This is even more of a problem if you’re living in a small space. A fantastic solution is to buy a TV stand or a media unit that offers a good amount of storage.

This serves two functions. First, it gives you somewhere to place your TV. Second, you’re able to hide away your gaming consoles, magazines, and anything else that you normally have out on display. If you want to match your TV stand with the interior design, add some stylish Abbott home decor. The decor is sleek, modern, and will enhance your home’s aesthetic!

3. Mount Your TV in the Corner if You Have a Small Space

Is your living room small? Does it make choosing where to place your TV a challenge? If you’re dealing with this, a creative solution is to mount your TV in a corner. This enables you to take full advantage of empty space that you wouldn’t otherwise be using.

Pro Tip: Use a full-motion TV mount. This is a TV mount that is moveable. A full-motion mount will allow you to extend your TV and angle it towards you depending on where you are sitting in the room so you can get as comfortable as possible.

4. Rotate Furniture by 90 Degrees

Sometimes you want to be able to enjoy your fireplace and TV at the same time without straining your neck. A great solve for this type of problem is to rotate your furniture by 90 degrees. Doing so will allow for a more conversational area that is centered around the fireplace, while also letting the furniture face the TV.

If your TV is mounted somewhere and you don’t want to take it down, move your furniture around until you find a spot for it that works well with the TV. If the new positioning doesn’t work, you can always move the furniture back.

5. Place Your TV on an Angle Next to the Fireplace

If you are unable to mount your TV to the fireplace for whatever reason, or maybe you want your fireplace to be the focal point without the TV on it, you can always place it on an angle next to your fireplace.

You can use a media cabinet to place your TV on and angle it toward the fireplace that way. Doing things this way allows you to enjoy your fireplace as a focal point while also enjoying your TV at a comfortable angle. It also ensures that the TV isn’t overwhelming your space, especially if you have a fairly large one.

The most important thing is that you are still viewing your TV at a comfortable angle that works for you and the space.

6. Install Proper Lighting

Another creative way to watch TV is to improve the lighting in the room. If your lighting is too harsh, it will make you feel too stimulated and it will be harder to unwind and relax. If your lighting is too low, you may be straining your eyes to watch the TV.

One way to correct this issue is to purchase and install smart lighting. This will allow you to control the colour and temperature of your lights all from your smartphone. With the push of a few buttons on your phone, you can instantly make your lights brighter or dim them, making your lighting much more customizable for when you watch TV.

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6 Most Comfortable Ways to Watch TV Properly

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