5 Different Types of Pouch Packaging and Their Uses

Are you looking for an alternative to packaging your products? Cardboard, metal and glass have been the standard for packing since packaging began, but the new packaging kid on the block is the pouch. Pouch packaging has taken over the industry, and for a good reason; it is so flexible.

You can use pouches for almost anything you market. They are lightweight and inexpensive to manufacture with so much customization. They also store and transport easily, and because of their resealing abilities, they extend shelf life and maintain product freshness.

Let’s check out the different types of pouch packaging for your business.

Type #1: Stand Up Pouches

The stand up pouch is probably the type of packaging you will be familiar with. You’ve seen them on the grocery shelves, filled with candy, granola and coffee. They are resealable pouches that stand upright and can display your product in a well-organized manner. There are several versions, including:

Bottom Gusset

This pouch has a rounded bottom with a gusset on the bottom for support and strength. They are great for lightweight products.

Retortable Pouches

Retort pouches are made of plastic and metal foil laminated to provide a sterile, flexible container for your products. It is a great alternative to canning because it can be used in thermal processing.

Flat Bottom (Side Gusset)

The flat bottom pouches give you a sturdy base that can hold more weight. The sides have gussets to collapse when empty and have a large capacity and printable surface.

Shaped Pouches

If you have a product with a recognizable shape, you can have a pouch made to fit your brand. These pouches can be made into distinct formations and make your products stand out on the shelf beside those other boring, square boxes.

Spouted Pouches

If you sell liquids and wish to have a flexible pouch instead of PET or glass containers, a spouted pouch is best. They can come in many shapes and have a re-closable spout, oriented in the middle of the side to maintain freshness and avoid spilling. Sauces, detergents and beverages utilize this design.

Type #2: Pillow Pouches

Pillow pouches are widely used, and their shape allows them to bulk ship very easily. They take the shape of a pillow with seals on the top and bottom and the back. This back seal extends the entire length of the pouch and is used to fill and open it.

You see these types of pouch packaging used for potato chips, snacks, coffee and crackers. Candy uses this style as well. Printed graphics are typically full wraps around the pouch, and they look great. They come in resealable and non-resealable options, and you can have a die-cut hole in the top for hanging your product.

Type #3: Flat Pouches

Flat pouches are very economical and can be filled with various products. They have no gussets or folds and are sealed from the bottom or side. These pouches stack neatly in a tray or box and can be manufactured in various sizes with clear, metal or poly material options. They can be sealed top and bottom or have three or four side seals.

The three side pouch is heat-sealed on the sides and the bottom, leaving the top for filling and opening. They also have a high fill volume capacity.

A four-side seal is stronger, with both pieces of the film completely sealed on all sides. It gives it a uniform look and better protects the contents because of its strength. This packaging is ideal for retort applications.

Type #4: Vacuum Pouches

To extend the life of products, vacuum pouches are widely used. Shelf life is extremely important, and you want your products the freshest they can be when they get to the consumer. With a vacuum seal, you prevent oxidization, corrosion and degradation of the contents.

The pouch utilizes multiple layers of plastic, so it is puncture and moisture resistant and a tight seal is made after the air is vacuumed out. Food items and medical supplies work well with these pouches, making them a cost-effective way of lengthening the life of your products.

Type #5: Burst Pouches

A burst pouch is designed to hold liquids and is flexible and convenient for industrial and commercial products like adhesives, personal care and even food. Think of a fast-food ketchup package where you tear the end and squeeze out the liquid.

There are two layers of film bonded together to create a chamber for the liquids, and the pouch can be cut open or have an edge designed to tear away. When squeezed, the liquid bursts out of the open end.

Every business needs an effective packaging solution for its products. You want to stand out in the market and have ease of use for your end consumer. With pouch packaging, you get both.

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5 Different Types of Pouch Packaging and Their Uses

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