14 New Car Technology Systems and Gadgets

There is a ton of technology out there for drivers to make use of, not only to accessorize your vehicle’s existing features but also that are extremely useful. Driving is no longer just about machinery. Your vehicle is as much a computer today as it is a machine.

There are many innovative technologies that can assist drivers. Here are fourteen new car technology systems and gadgets to check out:

1. Blind-Spot Alert

The blind-spot alert lets you know if there is a car in your blind-spot. This new car technology helps a driver make fast, efficient decisions. Plus, it reduces the likelihood of a collision with another vehicle or cyclist.

2. 360-Degree Cameras

360-degree cameras put a camera on each side of the vehicle and provide an overlooking top-down view of your surroundings. 360-degree cameras are fairly affordably priced. This new car technology will help when parking or if you’re trying to maneuver out of a particularly tough parking spot. The back camera also lets you see if there’s an object or person behind you as you back out.

3. Advanced Headlight Systems

When it comes to car lighting, your headlights are enormously important. So many tech advancements have been made when it comes to headlights. Laser technology can extend visibility up to 600 meters, double the distance of existing LED headlamps.

Adaptive, smart, automotive LED lights can adapt to oncoming traffic. They will also adjust based on vehicle speed and distance between vehicles. Flexible OLEDs can be individually dimmed and maintain light at any angle, not requiring reflectors. These are all excellent choices in-car lighting and headlights.

4. Cross-Traffic Alert

The cross-traffic alert is set up to work while you’re parking. Cross-traffic alerts will let you know when you’re backing out of a parking space if cars are coming and are another way to maximize safety while getting out of sometimes-tricky spots.

5. Exit Warning System

As you’re getting out of your vehicle, no one wants to catch a cyclist on their car door. Using exit warning technology, which will continue to work for minutes after the engine is shut off. The sensors alert you if an approaching cyclist, vehicle, or object is noted.

6. Drowsy Driver Alerts

New technology in some cars makes it possible to detect when a driver feels tired or anxious. A warning can then be sent out to the driver to be more attentive or encourage them to pull off somewhere safe and have a short rest.

7. Vehicle Stability Control

Vehicle stability systems are all about automatically bringing the vehicle back into an intended line of travel. In luxury vehicles, the technology is a lot more developed if a driver underestimates the angle of a curve. The technology can also be used if there is weather that has made the road slippery or in other similar settings. In all these instances, vehicle stability can reduce the likelihood of a crash in a big way.

8. Stolen Vehicle Tracking

Only half of the vehicles that are stolen get recovered. A large part of why is tied to stolen vehicle tracking technology through brands like OnStar. Though this tech won’t do as much for daily driving as other examples on this list, it can go a long way in helping locate a stolen vehicle.

9. Lane Control Systems

Lane control technology helps to monitor your steering and the cars around you. Should your vehicle begin to veer into the next lane without warning, a signal is sent out to steady the car. Should a car start to drift into your lane, the lane departure warning kicks in and you are also alerted.

10. Connected Smartphone Apps

A lot of car manufacturers are setting up buyers with connected smartphone apps. Through smartphone connectivity, it’s now possible to lock and unlock your doors remotely, check the fuel level and tire pressure, turn on the heat, and even start your car.

11. Wireless Smartphone Charging

Speaking of your smartphone, many vehicles offer wireless connectivity and charging. Quick and easy use makes it possible to quickly charge your Qi-enabled devices while driving. This new car technology is found in many automotives today.

12. Emergency Response System

An emergency response system in a car will automatically contact emergency services if a serious accident is detected. It will send data such as location and sensor information. It was first predominantly used in the European Union, with similar initiatives in North America launching in recent years.

13. Automatic Emergency Brakes

Automatic Emergency Braking, aka AEB, is a reactive technology that will sense when a vehicle is around you and brake faster than you can. The AEB can brake harder if necessary, ensuring that an imminent collision is avoided as best as is reasonably possible.

14. Voice Activation

Voice assistance in a car makes it easier than ever for a driver to make phone calls, make commands on their phone, change music, and more. For when you have to keep your hands and eyes on the road, voice activation in a vehicle makes it easy to stay in touch and make communications through your smartphone when/if needed.

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14 New Car Technology Systems and Gadgets

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