12 Best Paint Colors for Low Light Rooms

Some rooms have very little natural light. Low-light conditions occupy these rooms more often than not, resulting in some truly depressing vibes if the rest of the space isn’t compensating for the lack of natural light. Fortunately, you can always give the room a bright and sunny makeover! Before you contact professional painters for help, you may want to decide on the best color scheme for your low light room.

Check out 12 of the best paint colors for low light rooms:

1. White Color

White is one of the best best paint colors for low light rooms. We aren’t going to go into all the different whites that are available for low light rooms. Every brand has their own amazing set of whites and they all work. In low-light conditions, the natural light the room does receive bounces off the walls and instantly, you end up with a space that feels better lit with white walls than it did without them.

2. Ocher Color

You may see the color ‘ocher’ and wonder, what the heck is ocher – well, think of it as a soft wheat field-esque gold. In a dim, low-light room, ocher functions as a way to bring in the sort of field light we may see on a farm indoors. It’s a very traditional color and so it may not suit every household. Even so, ocher makes this list for its excellent characteristics in reflecting natural or artificial light.

3. Pink Color

Add pink to a low light room and immediately, you give it more personality and light. There are bold pinks like fuchsia which work well on accent walls but for the most part, we want to avoid overwhelming bright pink as it can make a space feel like a lot. Look at softer pastel pinks or a rose-tinged pink. Start with these and work your way to the right hue for the room.

4. Hostaleaf Color

Hostaleaf is an uncharacteristically dark hue that works surprisingly well in a low-light room. If choosing a darker color has you apprehensive, some only partially paint the space in it. For example, using a dark color like Hostaleaf on the bottom 75% of the wall and a lighter color on top of it can make a room not feel so overwhelmingly deep.

5. Waterloo Blue Color

Waterloo is a Sherwin-Williams color that’s very saturated, rich, and sophisticated. It gives your room a sense of being in ocean water. It sits right at the edge of being a color ‘too dark’. Waterloo’s a recommended color to give a low-light room some personality.

6. Sunny Yellow Color

A sunny yellow recreates a sense of light and can make us feel warm. For low-light bedrooms or bathrooms lacking window-derived light, a yellow is an artificial way to increase the feeling of lighting in a space. It also pairs easy with white accents which makes sunny yellow a recommended color for spaces that already appear dull.

7. Powder Blue Color

Powder blue makes it feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. It’s a dreamy, baby blue-influenced choice that adds brightness to a low light room. When paired with white accents, one must be careful as it can resemble a baby’s room or a bathroom. That said, if the low-light room is a bathroom, this might be the exact color you want to grab.

8. Bright Orange Color

Bright orange is akin to the sort of color you’d find adorning a pumpkin, tangerine, or apricot. Bright orange is warm and great for a kitchen or dining room that has less natural light than preferred. Even better, when it gets paired with some dark woods, you get a very trendy, sophisticated look. Alternatively, adding some white accents into the mix can make it appear very sleek and contemporary as well.

9. Lavender Purple Color

Any hue of lavender is warm and can add brightness to a dark room. Lavender purple gets attention for bringing in some unexpected taupes and lighting up a space that is otherwise lacking. Lavender purple doesn’t come across as overly feminine and can be paired with accessories or furniture in the room dressed in pastel shades for a playful look.

10. Soft Grays Color

Soft grays work in the right context. In low-light conditions, gray might seem a little dull but a medium shade of soft gray can subtly brighten up the space in some interesting ways. If this is more unexciting than you want to go, look for a gray that has a slight tinge of pink or orange embedded in it for extra warmth and interest.

11. Chocolate Brown Color

Chocolate brown can make a low-light room feel small and confining without the right accessories surrounding it. Ensure if you go the way of a brown, you use an appropriate arrangement of lights or lamps to liven up the space. When done right, the combination of chocolate brown and artificial light communicates coziness and opens up the possibilities to incorporate woodwork, patterned fabrics, and earthy tones in what surrounds you.

12. Current Mood Green Color

Current Mood by Clare is bold and moody in all the right ways. Normally, you don’t want to employ a dark color in a small space because they can make it feel even darker. Especially if you’re not a fan of the neutral color trend, try Current Mood. A green like this is rich, stunning, and a dramatic color for a low-light room.

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12 Best Paint Colors for Low Light Rooms

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