10 Most Effective Burglar Deterrent Gadgets for Your House

Keep your home safe from intruders with tech gadgets and high-security accessories. Home security has never been easier to establish than it is today. The proliferation of burglar deterrent gadgets has given homeowners all sorts of new tools to use to monitor their properties.

Here are ten of the more popular and trendy burglar deterrent gadgets, apps, and security accessories:

1. Alexa Gadgets

Alexa Guard is a free service on an Alexa that listens for signs of break-and-enter. You receive notifications when suspicious activity is picked up on. On top of that, there’s the Guard Plus upgraded version which even includes the ability to have your Alexa bark like a dog. No burglar wants to enter a home with a dog. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of buying an Alexa, there are also strictly devices that mimic a barking dog.

2. Drone Gadgets

The drone can be another effective burglar deterrent gadget. Ring has recently created the Always Home Cam which is an automated indoor drone. It will activate any time there is movement triggered or when motion is detected and is integrated with your other products under the Ring brand. Any sort of appearance of a home security and surveillance brand like Ring is also a smart burglar deterrent. The more difficult your home appears to break into, the less likely a thief will attempt it.

3. Fake TV Gadgets

Thieves usually will scope out a house before they break into it. They want to know what sort of activities are going on and details on the people inside. A great burglar deterrent is leaving a television on because they assume someone’s home. A flat-screen uses a lot of power though. Fortunately, there are fake TV gadgets that project changing lights that mimic a television monitor.

4. Fake Cameras

A burglar doesn’t want to be seen. The ultimate deterrent therefore becomes any sort of security cameras used for 24/7 surveillance. Some homeowners don’t have the desire to install the real thing. Fortunately, they make phony CCTV cameras you can install outside your property. This will be enough to make any thief think twice about entering your home. They’re also a great burglar deterrent gadget for the backyard or places that aren’t so well protected.

5. Window Alarms

Window alarms work from motion detection. If a burglar attempts to enter, a window alarm activates. A loud alarm is sent out for everyone to hear, although alternative window alarms include smartphone notifications built into their design. In terms of a deterrent though, a notification doesn’t do a thing. A burglar has to know they’ve been caught or are being watched which is exactly what you get with a window alarm.

6. Timer Sockets

24-hour plug-in timer sockets are meant to mimic your natural lighting habits. These are great if you’re going on vacation or have to be away from your home for a few days. These plugs will time your lights so that they switch on and off just like you would do manually if you were home. Generally, two or three timer sockets are used in various rooms throughout the home. They’re a better option than simply leaving the lights on 24/7 while you’re not home.

7. Door Wedges

A door wedge alarm activates when pressure is applied to the door. Anyone trying to get inside will hear an alarm up to 120 dB in volume and able to be heard up to 1,000 feet away. The drawback of the door wedge is it only secures a single door. That said, if you’re living in an apartment and there’s only one door you have to worry about, a door wedge alarm is an affordable burglar deterrent gadget you can afford.

8. Digital Keypad Door Locks

The longer a burglar has to struggle to get inside your home, the more likely they will be to give up. A digital keypad door lock is an immediate sign to anyone paying attention that you care about security. A burglar has to know the passcode, have the key, or find another way to get inside when you have a keypad door lock installed. It’s one heck of a deterrent and adds impressive security.

9. Motion Sensor Flood Lights

Motion sensor outdoor lights can thwart a burglar attempt in the making. When the lights hit, a thief assumes one of two things – someone is home or they will be seen. They have no choice but to take off running. A burglar is most likely to attempt to commit their theft at night. Don’t give them the darkness. Motion sensor lights have extended coverage areas and offer great protection.

10. Signage

As a last note, a great accessory to your burglar deterrent gadgets are signage. Let people know you have surveillance set up. A simple security sign in your yard or on your door or window that plainly states ‘You Are Being Watched’ or something similar only adds to what you’ve already set up.

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10 Most Effective Burglar Deterrent Gadgets for Your House

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