10 Merits of Using Cloud Computing in your Small Business

If you’re still wondering whether it would be a wise decision to move your business to the cloud then here are a couple of reasons that will remove all doubts from your mind. Managed hosting (cloud computing) is simply computing that is based entirely on the internet. If you use managed cloud hosting, you can now just access and run programs and applications from the internet; something that would have you downloaded the software on a physical computer before you get to use it.

A good example is when you are updating your Facebook account, you’re simply using cloud computing. You can even check your bank account balances through the cloud, and even sending thousands of emails on the go. There are a bunch of applications that will help you with all these processes and make your work a lot easier. Some reasons why you should consider using cloud computing have been explained below.

  1. It increases your small business’s flexibility

If you have a business that is growing or even has fluctuated bandwidth demands, then you may want to consider using cloud computing. You can easily scale up your cloud capacity if your needs increase.

  1. Backup and disaster recovery tool

As a business, it is vital that you invest sufficiently in robust disaster recovery tools. If you have a small business, however, you can adopt cloud computing, which is helping more SMBs to buck that trend.

  1. Automatic software updates

With cloud computing, you need not worry about software updates and upgrades. These cloud servers are out of sight and thus, out of mind. The suppliers will handle all these updates, including security updates for your cloud server. This way, you do not have to stress about maintaining the system yourself.

  1. You do not require large capital expenditures, pay-as-you-go

If you adopt cloud computing, you will have cut out on all the hardware expenses. You only need to pay-as-you-go and enjoy the best subscriptions that you have paid for.

  1. Facilitate greater collaboration

Your business will have the capability to share, edit, and access information about your business from anywhere, and anytime. This will allow your business to run smoothly as the level of coordination will have increased with your employees working together.

  1. Digital nomad employees

With cloud computing, you realize that you can work from anywhere. You only need to have an internet connection, and voila, you’re all set in your remote workplace. In this era, even cloud computing, mobile applications have emerged, making it easier to access your work from even more devices.

  1. Improve document control

You will need to have more watertight document control when you have more employees collaborating on your business document. With cloud computing, you will have all the necessary files stored centrally, so everyone has one information source.

  1. Better IT security

Any business nightmare is having its laptops stolen with sensitive data inside them. With cloud computing, you can access your stored data anywhere from any device. So, no matter what happens to your laptop, you still have your documents.

  1. A competitive advantage

Adopting cloud computing to your business is one of the easiest steps you can take to make it more competitive. Your small business will have a more competitive edge when it comes to responding to customer queries, allowing more access to your business data, and acting faster than those big competitors.

  1. Do your part for the environment

With cloud computing, you don’t need to leave oversized carbon footprints whenever your needs for the cloud reduces. The servers will simply adapt to your new demands and adjust accordingly, thus showing your environment a little love too.