Why the Material Used in Wooden Watches Matters

Wooden watches are quickly increasing in popularity, and there are many reasons for this. Wooden watches are uniquely handcrafted from fine wood, giving each watch a distinctive, beautiful and natural appearance. These are stylish in a unique way, making a bold statement about the individuals who wear them. If you have decided to invest in wooden watches yourself or if you want to purchase one as a thoughtful gift for someone else, pay close attention to the type of wood the watch is made out of. There are several reasons why the material used is so important, and a closer review of each of these factors can help you to make a more informed buying decision.

1. The Impact on the Environment

When buying wood products, the environmental impact of the manufacturing process should always be considered. Everything from pollution to deforestation may result from your purchase. Some wooden watches are derived from sustainable sources or may use wood that grows very quickly, such as bamboo. Bamboo is one of the rare wood types that is naturally replenished at a fast rate, so it is a great option to consider. Other wood is derived from tree farms, and new trees are planted to replace the harvested trees. This decreases the impact of deforestation. When you are concerned about the impact your purchase will have on the environment, reading the product description and paying attention the wood source and type can be enlightening.

2. The Durability of the Watch

The type of wood used also affects the durability of the watch. Wood is a very durable material in its own right, but some wood types are far more durable than others. For example, hardwoods may show fewer signs of wear and tear with regular use than softer woods. Bamboo and red oak are popular options to consider. You understandably want to enjoy your watch for years to come, so focus on durability.

3. The Weight of the Watch

The weight of the watch is also important to consider, and the materials used will play a major role in the product’s weight. Many watches are entirely made out of wood, but others may have a metal dial or face. Both the wristband and the dial impact the weight of the product. Hardwoods may be preferred for durability, but because they are denser, they often are heavier. Some watches use several materials, such as hardwood for the wristband and a lighter material in the dial composition.

Investing in beautiful wooden watches is a wonderful idea, and many environmentally-conscious and fashion-forward individuals have already made a purchase. Take time to explore the wonderful styles available today, and pay attention to the wood types as you decide which watch to purchase. More resources can be found at the Tense Enterprises Inc. website.