Services Offered by Microsoft Azure

In the past few years, integrated cloud services have been on the rise and Microsoft has not been left behind. Known for its innovative IT solutions, Microsoft introduced a service called Microsoft Azure in the year 2010 having made the announcement in the year 2008. Initially known as Windows Azure, it changed its name to Microsoft Azure in the year 2014.In a layman’s language, Windows Azure is a service that allows building, deployment, and management of services and applications by Microsoft. This is possible through the data centers that are managed by the provider. Through data centre management, the Azure offers infrastructure, software, and platform as a service. Not only does the service support several programming languages but it also supports many frameworks and tools.

1. Management

One capability of Azure Management is that it allows Azure automation. This is a feature that allows for automation of services that are regarded as error-prone, manual and those that are commonly repeated in an enterprise environment and managed public cloud. With this kind of management, it’s possible to save time and at the same time increase the reliability of these schedules and tasks. The automation in Azure is made possible by both the Desired State Configuration and runbooks. According to Microsoft, the services of the Azure can be accessed from 34 regions in the globe. However, the firm says that there are plans to expand the services to four additional regions in the world.

The azure can run on both Windows and Linux. As for the license, the azure has a closed source license when it comes the platform and an open source license for the software development kit on the side of the client. This allows for open source technologies on the client side.

2. Services offered by Azure

Azure offer more than 600 services with the common ones being computation, mobile services, data management services as well as storage services. Computation services include services and products like virtual machines and related infrastructure. It also consists of services like app services which is a platform that allows developers to manage websites while at the same time publishing their products. Mobile services offered by Azure include the HockeyApp that allow developers to test and distribute their apps. Another service with regards to this is the mobile engagement that plays a crucial role in collecting real-time information such as customer behavior.

Data management services offered by Azure include SQL Data Warehouse, SQL Database, StorSimple, DocumentDB as well as Azure Search and Redis Cache. Under messaging category, there are services such as Queues, Relay, Topics and Event Hubs. Finally, the storage services offered by Azure include Blob Service, Table service, and Storage services. Azure allows the US government to have access to data stored on this service. For a better understanding, Carbon60 Networks may be able to provide additional information on their website.